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Free of Charge Strategy Session

The Meeting

Free of Charge Strategy Session

In a beauty session, we build your Beauty Strategy together. We spend time in this first human contact and acquaintance carefully opening your needs while exchanging opinions and ideas for any potentialfuture cooperation. We inform you about the new innovative methods we follow to achieve an even and guaranteed result.

Healthy Status

This short acquaintance of ours will be filled with new ideas and trends. always adapted to your preferences and will facilitate your demanding daily life

Get ideas

In order to confirm any possible future selection work, a thorough check on the quality and health of your hair is required through a strand test.

The Meeting

Head Anatomy & Prosopologie

Hair is the natural extension of the face, so the anatomy, the angles & the structure of your features, show us our visual “canvas”. We work on this by giving you suggestions and solutions, while we exchange opinions, with the goal of highlighting your personality, as it emerges through your own lifestyle!


The Anatomy of the head concerns all the bones and muscles that create geometric volumes, namely how the surface of the image of your face is formed.


According to the dimensions, harmony, symmetry and different shapes of the face. “Strengths” and “flaws” we are asked to manage them very carefully

The Meeting


As a prelude to trust, the meeting with you allows us to highlight inspirations through global trends as well as innovative technical solutions. To take you on a mental journey to the new beauty supplies and encourage you to embrace each new hairstyle and/or dye conquest that will rise to higher level.


Our experience will help you choose between many transformation concepts and create your new image together.

Νew is Old

Everything new has memories from the past. We retrieve memories and images from the past, synthesize them with the present and deliver your Meta-Image!

The Meeting

Hair Strand Test

This is how we determine exactly the physiology of your hair & how healthy, elastic, weak or tired it is. we see if they have been stressed technically by incorrect brushing using heat blow dryer, curling iron and other heat tools, environmental ultraviolet rays of the sun, sea water , chlorine or chemicals dyes & bleaching products.

No Risk

We inspect every detail that intrudes in advance and we analyze the ways and method of solving any particularities.

Hair Care Advice

We give you advice on caring for the health of your hair and how you can contribute to it through specialized professional products.

The Meeting

Cost Estimation

We follow a plan of technical work procedures, specific stages of execution & visual intervention on your hair and its form. We inform you about the time, cost and maintenance required. (so that you, in turn, organize your social obligations).

Value for Money

Committed to research, knowledge and the use of top-quality products, we are called to maintain the best quality-price ratio.


 The duration of the result with the high work standards protects the health of the hair preventing you from time-consuming / costly maintenance visits.

Free of Charge Beauty Session

In this session , we build your own Beauty Strategy, check over the quality, the texture and the history of your hair!