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Chroma is not a colour!


Chroma as a Light Interaction

Color is the reflection of light and gives us the chromatic quality. Chroma is the saturation which appears when its absorbed by the surface of the hair. The optimal quality of hair gives us the optimal color result. It’s important to consult with, who we can analyze your hair, consider your goals, and recommend the best color placement technique for your specific needs and preferences.

Colour Placement

Color placement, to artistry, generates depth and perspective. In hair coloring, it’s vital,
enhancing features and creating dimension. Well-placed hues boost hair health and vibrancy, elevating the overall appeal. Precision in color placement transforms the final look.

Colour Techniques

Hair coloring techniques are pivotal, dictating color application and final appearance, tailored
for your desired look, handling transitions, and regrowth. Methods like Airtouch, original, balayage, and ombre, delivering a natural, low – maintenance, sun-kissed effect.

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