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Free Session Beauty Strategy

Let’s Make Your
Unique Beauty Strategy

Beauty Strategy

The final image of hair begins there where the strategic placement of shape, color and texture are produced in an aesthetic context as a whole.

The Smart Choice

This strategy through the desire to optimize the hair at a level will lead you to an even and personalized result with long-term benefits in saving time and money.

We Guarantee Healthy Hair

The health of your hair is the fundamental value in our dna, and we rely on it to explain how to protect it.

We see hair as as an one, shape, color and texture, in order to create the superior healthy aesthetic value of hair care as an extension of the soul and body.

Your hair has a voice and we listen to it!

Total Tranformation 

Total Tranformation 

Total Tranformation 

Total Tranformation 

Total Tranformation 

Total Tranformation 

“For me the working of hair is like the pattern of nature, is all about shapes, colours & textures”

“Hairdressing passion takes you on an endless journey around the world”

Cementing diamond stations from London to Tokyo, and New York and Los Angeles in a dedicated career, Vlassis Kassimatis took off his hairdressing ingenuity already at the age of 21, lending the industry enviable distillations of inspired art & technique.

Our Personalized Services

Free Session Includes:

Head Anatomy & Prosopologie

Facial anatomy, features & structures, is mportant consideration that provides an harmonious and flattering look.



We will show you inspirations through global trends as well as innovative technical solutions.


Hair Strand Test

Is a valuable precaution which determinates exactly the physiology of hair & how healthy, or elastic, weak can be.


Cost Estimation

We inform you about the time the cost, and the maintenance required.


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Free of Charge Beauty Session

In this session , we build your own Beauty Strategy, check over the quality, the texture and the history of your hair!